Oh My! Droids Building Droids!

That was one of my favorite lines from Star Wars: Episode III when C-3 PO first enters the droid factory and sees the assembly line. I thought it was funny because just about every electronic gadget you purchase today is actually built by robots. The problem is the components are so tiny that you probably couldn’t handle them even with a pair of tweezers. It takes a precision robot to place them in solder them to the boards. Is not like the old days where you bend a couple of resistor leads, shoved them through a pair of holes, solder them in and clip the leads.

As an example here is a slideshow of photos from TechRepublic.com showing the factory where Raspberry Pi single board computers are built. This is the little $40 computer that I purchased and spoke about in a recent YouTube video. Click here to see the slideshow.

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