IRLib2 Now Supports SAMD51 on the Adafruit Metro M4

We are pleased to announce that IRLib2 has now added support for the SAMD51 processor on the Adafruit Metro M4. Other M4 platforms will be supported as they become available.

The SAMD51 processor runs at 120 MHz. It has 512 KB flash and 192 KB RAM. This is a much more powerful processor than the M0 class SAMD21.

We support PWM output on pins 0-13 and input on any digital input pin.

The code is currently available on Github at

2 thoughts on “IRLib2 Now Supports SAMD51 on the Adafruit Metro M4

  1. Hi.
    I downloaded IRLib2 from GitHub, but Arduino IDE refuses to install it (install from zip file) asserting that “Specified folder/zip file does not contain a valid library”.
    Any pointers/tips to what I may be doing wrong?

    [using W10, IDE 1.8.5, Arduino Due]


    • You cannot use the “install from zip file” option. You need to manually unzip the files and put them in your libraries folder according to the instructions in the README file.

      I also noticed you said you’re using the Arduino Due. Unfortunately we do not support that platform.

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